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Our company focuses on quality and the safety of the transported goods. This is why we select reliable, high-class Volvo vehicles and MAGYAR tank-vehicles that fulfill the highest standards required when transporting food products and easily damaged goods, in accordance with the ATP convention. Moreover:
Each tank-vehicle is insulated
They all have the independent webasto system
They are equipped with oil-free compressors and pumps for self-unloading
They also include sterile filters which enable aseptic transportation of products
The cisterns feature 2 or 3 storage chambers
Their capacity is from 30 thousand to up to 33 thousand liters.
The factors mentioned above indicate that we are able to transport any cargo. The different configurations of the chambers within the tank-vehicle make it possible to transport even 3 products. Thanks to the compressors or pumps, we are able to unload the cargo in any conditions. This means that we will be able to perform our duties regardless of how well the unloading site is prepared.
Each set features a GPS transmitter, which shows us the location of the vehicle and the tank-vehicle in real time. Thanks to this, we are able to determine the time the vehicle reaches the loading/unloading point at any moment. Furthermore, we also have the option to display the traffic throughout our continent, which allows us to be more precise when providing the time of arrival.
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As the safety of our transports is at the top of our priority list, to confirm our aspirations in this direction, we became the holders of the "GMP + B4" Certificate, which confirms that our road transportation of feed is appropriate.